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Veribor 3 Pad Glass Suction Lifter BO603.0BL
Code:   (BO603.0Bl)

Veribor 3 Pad Glass Suction Lifter £33.99

Veribor BO603.0BL Glass Suction Lifter

Helps you safely de glaze and carry glass and double glazed units

The number one seller and a must for anyone in the glazing trade


For heavy loads · suitable for all materials with smooth, flat, air-tight surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, marble, etc.

Recommended For-
• Plastic.
• Metal.
• Coated wood.
• Marble.

Tested by TÜV (German Technical Controlling Institution) and safety certified with the GS sign. 

VERIBOR blue line Suction Lifter, 3-Cup
Suction pad 120 mm Ø
Number of suction pads 3
Load capacity 100 kg
Lifting direction parallel
Weight 1.22 kg



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