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Ensure not only window but door security as well with the Max6mum Security Window Safe Sash Jammer from Trade Locks. This is a great first step to ensuring your home is safer and more secure from intruders all the while keeping within your budget. Today our homes are constantly under increased threat from burglars and improving your door and window security with these easy to install Max6mum Security Sash Jammers will make all the difference.

Burglars work fast and want results fast, if they see that the owner of a home they are looking to burglarise has taken the necessary steps to protect it they will move onto the next where no precautions were taken. Your home is your sanctuary and you shouldn’t have to worry about intruders coming in through windows or the front door. These high quality window security sash jammers can be mounted on any type of window, regardless if it opens in or out, with such ease that anyone can do it. In addition, they can also be installed on doors as well, which is great for interior doors which cannot be locked for added security.

The installation of this high quality window security hardware takes only a few minutes. Each packet comes with two sash jammers which you can either install on one window or door for added security or two separate windows. They come with all of the necessary fitting hardware which matches the colour and design of the jammers, to ensure that not only are they effective but are attractive as well. In addition, a complete step by step instruction sheet for installation will be included to make fitting the jammers to your door or window fast and easy.

How the Max6mum Security Window Safe Sash Jammers work is relatively simple. They are placed to prevent the levering of the door or sash leaf of the window, thus blocking the movement and therefore entry from the outside. They are the utmost deterrent to the most determined burglars and intruders. If you feel that your home requires extra security you can install multiple sash jammers to pump up the security of a single window. Our Max6mum Window Security Sash Jammers are made of the highest quality materials and made not only to effectively deter intruders but designed so as not to take away from your attractive interior design but add to it. Trade Locks offers a number of great home, door, and window security options to ensure you and your family are safe as intruders will be kept out.


Make your windows safe and secure with the MAX6MUM SECURITY® Window-Safe™ Sash Jammer. The 2 sash jammers supplied per pack can be fitted to doors or windows which open in or out, preventing the levering of the sash or door leaf. With just a twist of the sash jammer handle, it is secured over the frame, offering resistance to deter forced entry.

It is a very quick and low cost addition security for the home. No skill is required, as each pack comes with step by step fitting instructions, and the sash jammer can be fitted to any uPVC windows or doors



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