Wurth Industry Cleaner
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Label And Adhesive Remover.

Wurths industrial clener is a high-quality special cleaner for industry and craft trades. • Easy removal of adhesive residues, labels and adhesive tapes. • Stubborn dirt such as wax, rubber abrasion, silicone residues, permanent marker, oil and grease are loosened. Gentle on materials • Sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel are not attacked. User-friendly • No unpleasant odours for users and the environment. • Fast and effective cleaning. Acetone-free Silicone- and AOX-free

Applications: Cleans machine parts, plastic parts and metallic surfaces of adhesive residues. Also suitable for removing protective preservatives e.g. on brake discs. Note: Prior to treatment, check rubber and plastic parts for compatibility in an invisible location. Paints may be attacked

Proof of performance: NSF registered, class K3, reg. no. 149620, 149621.

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