Wurth Culk / Painters Acrylic Filler
Code:   (0892165)

Wurth Culk / Acrylic Filler £1.05

310 ML


This high quality filler can be painted / plastered over Outstanding adhesion of common paints/plasters on the sealant. Due to the multitude of paint and lacquer formulas available, we recommend that you always carry out preliminary testing in order to rule out interactions. Caution: Sealant joints that have been fully painted over tend to crack when movement occurs in the joint, as the applied paint is generally less elastic than the sealant. Highly elastic Absorbs expansions better than ordinary acrylic sealants. Broad adhesion spectrum on many common surfaces Construction material class B2 according to DIN 4102 Silicone-free Resistant to , weather and UV Odorless 




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