Wurth Silicone Spray 6 Cans
Code:   (0893221-6)

Wurth Silicone Spray £25.65

6 X 500ml Cans

Ensures long-lasting protection, preservation and insulation of exterior and interior plastic, rubber and metal parts; good lubricating properties

·    Plastic parts retain a high-gloss finish and do not become brittle

·    Rubber parts are protected, do not become brittle and do not freeze or stick

·    Impregnated folding roofs and hoods

·    Anti-static effect (dust-repellent)

·    Protects electrical contacts against moisture

·    Sliding roof and seat rails, seat belt rollers etc. run smoothly

·    Prevents squeaks and creaks between dissimilar materials, e.g. metal/plastic etc.

·    Serves as an installation aid, e.g. for hose connections

·    No staining



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